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PROGRAM No.3 NOTICE: This program is planned to take place during a period of six days.

1st DAY:
* Arrival of the guests to the Sarajevo Airport
* Transfer from the airport to the hotel
* Supper in the hotel 2nd DAY:
* In the period after breakfast and before the noon, we can offer you a panoramic siteseeing of the city of Sarajevo. N.B.1 During this siteseeing, the group of the quests would be followed by our quide who would provide them with the detailed explanations of the meaning of the most famous religious, cultural, historical and economic monuments in Sarajevo.
* As the most attractive restaurants in which you can have your lunch, we would like to offer you either Inat House or Morica Han, the restaurants in which in a typical Bosnian ambience you have an opportunity to taste all kinds of the typical Bosnian dishes. We have a long tradition of Oriental style sweets, Bosnian and Viennese style meats and as our national meal we serve cevapcici.
* Visit to the Spring of Bosna ( Vrelo Bosne). During this visit, again, you would have an opportunity to enjoy in the rich taste of the typical Bosnian deserts and juices.
* After coming back from the Spring of Bosna, you can enjoy the rest of the day in a siteseeing of the town during the twilight and night, shopping or in some other activity that you would like to implement and we would be very glad to organise for you.

3rd DAY:
* Just after a breakfast, departure for Blagaj (approximately 250 km far from Sarajevo)
* Since we expect that the arrival shoul coincide with the time of the noon prayer, it could be possible to perform it in the tekija * A lunch should be arranged in the famous Norwegian restaurant at Buna
* After the lunch, a visit to Mostar is planned
* A short siteseeing of Mostar ( it is very important to mention that during all the visits our guide is at your service)
* Departure for Sarajevo * Supper at the hotel in Sarajevo

4th DAY:
* Just after a breakfast the departure for Travnik is planned.
* On the way to Travnik we suggest you to make a short visit to Zivcici, a village near Busovaca, where a noon prayer can be performed and where you can meet the family whose origin can be traced to the family of the Prophet Mohammed a.s., himself.
* Arrival to Travnik and lunch at the Blue Water Restaurant (one of the most beautiful natural and architectural oasis of our country and the whole world, too.)
* A visit to the most important religious, natural and cultural institutions and places in Travnik (The Secondary Religious School, The Museum, The two Clock Towers, etc.)
* A Supper in the Divan Restaurant
* Aksham prayer can be performed in the Sarena Mosque ( the only mosque in the whole world, that has its minater on the left side of the building.
* Departure for Sarajevo

5th DAY:
* Considering the fact that all the four previously described days of your staying in Bosnia and Herzegovina consist of the planned activities, and thinking also about the fact that for the most of the guests this would be a first visit to our country, we decided not to plan any concrete activities for the fourth day but to give you an opportunity to create your own plan.
* So, during the fourth day of your staying you are able to decide whether you want to fill it with some additional programs that we can offer to you or simply to use your time for shopping, relaxation and enjoying in the beauties of the City of Sarajevo. N.B. Breakfast and supper will be served in your hotel. A lunch can be arranged in the one of the city restaurants ( probably Aeroplane Restaurant ).

6th DAY:
* After a breakfast and checking out in the hotel, depending on the timing of your departure, we would organise the transfer from the hotel to the Sarajevo Airport, or in the case of having some spare time, we would offer you some additional attractions that might be interesting for you.
NOTICE/ IMPORTANT: * You are welcomed to give your own comments and decide which of these and many other places you would like to see. If you have some special desires or interests, it would be our honour to satisfy them ( we would like to point out, that we would be very glad to organise for you some special concerts of the Bosnian spiritual music).
* The programms will probably be modified according to the change of seasons, in terms to be adopted to the shorter ( during winter ) or longer ( during summer ) duration of day.
* Also, we would like to point out, that if you are interested in the political and economical spheres of Bosnia and Hercegovina, we can organise for you the meetings with most important subjects from these spheres of life. The Final Addressing Although this is a very short presentation of all the diversity of the contents that Bosnia and Herzegovina can offer you to visit and enjoy in, we hope that we, at least, helped you to get an general picture of and an insight into the beauty of our country. We thank you for the time that you dedicated to reading and analysing of our offer and we look forward to our further cooperation. A Few More Information about the places you will have an opportunity to visit Here is the list of some of the most important and most beautiful monuments in Sarajevo:
* The old part of the town called Bashcharsija that was built during the reign of Otoman Empire and that is one of the oldest commercial centres in Europe. In this part of the town you can be introduced to the oldest crafts of the people of Bosnia and Hercegovina and buy typical Bosnian suveniers.
* The National and University Library (Old Town Hall) built in 1896 by the architects Alexander Wittek and Ciril Ivekovic
* The Sebilj public fountain that is a typical water-feature of Otoman town planning, usually found on the crossroads or In squares. It was built in 1891.
* Svrza's House a typical example of the house of a rich Bosnian family. It was built in the 18th century and is the one of a few houses of this kind that survived until now without any change in its constitution.
* The Tunel that, during the war 1992-1995, was the only connection of Sarajevo with the rest of the world
* The Igman War Mosque * The Hill of Zuch (one of the main front lines during the war )
* The Bridge of Gavrilo Princip ( on this bridge, the Austrian heir of the throne, Gavrilo Princip, was killed by Franc Ferdinand. This incident marked the beginning of the First World War.)
* National Museum
* The Bosniak Institution, etc. Blagaj Blagaj is the famous historical and tourist place located in the care of Hercegovina, in the source of the river Buna, 12 km away from Mostar the capital city of Hercegovina ( approximately 250 km far from Sarajevo). Blagaj's most famous monument is Dervish's house placed in the source of the Buna river. Every year at this spot, thousands of pilgrims come to pray together, and thanks to its long tradition, it became a meeting place of Moslems from all around the world. Mediteranean climate and comfortable restaurants give pleasant moments of sojourn, walk and relaxation to its quests. The possibilities of hunting, in the Podvelezje plateau and fishing in the river of Buna, then swimming in the clean and cold Buna river and in mineral medicinal water of Bunica are the extra motives to visit this jewel of the nature.

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