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PROGRAM No. 1 NOTICE: This program is planned to take place during a period of three days.

1st DAY:
* Arrival of the guests to the Sarajevo Airport
* Transfer from the airport to the hotel
* Supper in the hotel N.B. Organised going to the evening prayer in the one of the local mosques can be arranged ( our suggestion would be Gazi Husref Beg's Mosque )

2nd DAY:
* In the period after breakfast and before the noon, we can offer you a panoramic siteseeing of the city of Sarajevo. N.B. During this siteseeing, the group of the quests would be followed by our quide who would provide them with the detailed explanations of the meaning of the most famous religious, cultural, historical and economic monuments in Sarajevo.

* As the most attractive restaurants in which you can have your lunch, we would like to offer you either Inat House or Morica Han, the restaurants in which in a typical Bosnian ambience you have an opportunity to taste all kinds of the typical Bosnian dishes. We have a long tradition of Oriental style sweets, Bosnian and Viennese style meats and as our national meal we serve cevapcici.

* Visit to the Spring of Bosna ( Vrelo Bosne).During this visit, again, you would have an opportunity to enjoy in the rich taste of the typical Bosnian deserts and juices.

* After coming back from the Spring of Bosna, you can enjoy the rest of the day in a siteseeing of the town during the twilight and night, shopping or in some other activity that you would like to implement and we would be very glad to organise for you.

3rd DAY:
* After a breakfast and checking out in the hotel, depending on the timing of your departure, we would organise the transfer from the hotel to the Sarajevo Airport, or in the case of having some spare time, we would offer you some additional attractions that might be interesting for you.

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